Disney Junk

Disney junk journal for Nicky’s Birthday Prezzie

ImageSo in my attempt to get more creative and use my oodles of spare time between gigs and rehearsals in a productive way I have re kindled my love for paper craft and book making! Its been a while and I have to say I am loving it!

So the first of many books that I have planned for gifts and upcoming Birthdays and I think its gone down pretty well.

So its a good old fashion Junk journal made up of supplies I have lying around from my art journals and personal collage work so I felt it was more than time to share the scrappy-dappy love and bloody use some of it for a project that someone other than I will use.

So one cereal box later…

A cheeky wee cover

I  have been practicing making paper flowers for my wedding flowers so I have a fair amount of old book pages to use up along with the covers that are making up the many many many art journals I have on the go at any one time. A bit of washie tape and good old fashioned gaffa tape to reinforce the spine-age and we are good to go!


After stupidly asking for Nicky to choose from a number of themes, she of course chose the not mentioned “all of the fricken above” option.

SO after printing out images on my crappy inkjet printer, cut up a shiz load of scrapbook patterned papers, book pages, plain cardstock and music manuscript paper! Yes music manuscript paper! This time last year I would never have cut up manuscript – I was so precious!!! Get over it girl!!!! There are far more precious things than sheet music!


image.jpeg image.jpeg




So there it is a cheeky wee handmade journal for my friend to fill with whatever she likes! I have kept it as plain and flat as I could with a wee bit stamping and inking round the edges with chalk based ink!

I love doing stuff like this and I am sure this post will be the first of many Junk Journals!

Thanks for stopping by and if you wanna have a peek at the YouTube for this bad boy head on over to http://youtu.be/KJc5snqSNfQ




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